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Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

We would like to make you aware that we are in the process of internally realigning the marketing structure of our group companies into one single trademark – FASTAIR™

Constitute an individual, but integral, segment of the group structure which have to date been marketed as separate entities. Going forward the four marques will be marketed through a single brand – FASTAIR™ (@fastair.aero) which will facilitate greater flexibility within the organisation and provide greater efficiencies for our collective client base. Through FASTAIR™ Clients will be able to access all the, currently, available facilities via a single point of entry; internally the requirements will then be managed by the most appropriate division. This consolidation allows for the group to streamline its internal operations and take advantage of the economies of scale, processing time and resultant efficiencies, all for the ultimate benefit of our Clients.

We are launching FASTAIR™ with effective from 01/01/2021

Contact is through your normal operative within our group.

The consolidation does not affect, or have any impact on, the responsibilities of each of the component companies. All financial and legal obligations will remain with the respective division. Invoicing and contracts, as applicable, will be issued in the name of the division providing the respective service.

In the interim, if you have any queries in respect of this launch please feel free to direct your enquiries to your regular point of contact, alternatively you can reach us through aog@fastair.aero
Phone numbers and email addresses as you now have them will remain viable and our personnel are at your disposal to address any matters arising.

Brand Change Announcement Download Pdf

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