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FASTAIR has already completed over 30 aircraft teardowns of various types:
MHI (Bombardier) CRJ200, Boeing 737, 777, Airbus 320, 330, Embraer-120.

  • Aircraft teardown, and recertification of salvaged and removed parts, now constitutes a major part of FASTAIR's current business model.
  • FASTAIR implements projects around the Globe, providing full-support aircraft teardown solutions.
The main stages of an aircraft teardown project are as follows:
  • Production & business plan elaboration.
  • Project facilities development.
  • Aircraft preparation for teardown and draining of technical fluids.
  • Removal of salvageable parts, fixtures and fittings.
  • Packaging, labelling, catalouging of removed parts.
  • Landing gear and cabin dismantling.
  • Shipment to MROs for further processing and recertification.
  • Environmentally secure disposal of remaining parts, materials and demolished fuselage.
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